Portal Password Update:
As part of our ongoing quality control and security assessments, we are updating our password standards for the portal. The new 15-character standard meets the most up-to-date industry recommendations, will better secure your information, and is a part of our commitment of excellence to you. When you login below, if your current password does not meet the updated standards, you will be directed to a webpage with directions on how to create a new password. On this same page, you will see the minimum length and required characters as well as tips and suggestions for creating a strong password. Please do not reuse your password on other websites and make your password something you can remember for future logins. Though it is not required, you may now choose to activate two-factor authentication, an additional security step, from the portal.

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Please see our Community Donor FAQ for questions regarding our online fundholder portal, and contact our Fundholder Relationship Associate, Traci Sisson, if you have any additional questions at (865) 524-1223 or by email at tsisson@etf.org.